Our Story

It all started on our secluded trip to the hills when we decided to curate a collection of all things we love.

We wanted to create products that are beautiful, handcrafted and when gifted to your loved ones exude love, warmth & everything in between.

 In the next 2 days we were sure of what we wanted to offer & how we wished to achieve the same. Our friends fondly call us  “Lala” & “Chidiya”, this gave birth to our wedding hashtag #lachi and now to this baby very close to our hearts .

Welcome to the world of “La” & “Chi” .


Each and every product under the Lachi umbrella is handcrafted by our local artisans & craftsmen. During the process of creation, our artisans give each product copious amounts of love and usher them with handcrafted detailed designs. We source the finest of raw-materials from across the globe through our channel partners, add to it the enormous experience of our in-house design team  at Ozel Design  & proudly create products that speak for themselves. 


At Lachi we believe in sustainability & taking responsible decisions. From using recycled papers, to using eco-friendly inks for printing our products, making 100% recyclable end products, avoiding plastic as much as possible for packaging & shipping our items, is a practice we have been following since our inception. We strive to have a positive carbon footprint in the environment & in doing so we look forward to joining hands with organisations working towards the goal of sustainable growth & a better future for the generations to come.  

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