Furthermore, Lachi extends its services beyond stationery. We provide exquisite packaging design services and elegant wedding invitations, reflecting the same principles of luxury and sophistication that define our brand.

Our unique distinction lies in our in-house manufacturing capability. This ensures the seamless transformation of our exceptional designs into tangible, exquisite stationery, bringing your vision to reality.

Dipansh had honed his skills and wisdom over a decade, thanks to his experience at Ozel Design, a renowned packaging & invitation design company with a clientele that spanned the globe. This background not only equipped him with the knowledge of the industry but also a global perspective on design and luxury.

Their brand's success is not just a testament to Aashna’s love for design or Dipansh's strategic brilliance, but also a reflection of the harmony between creativity and business acumen. Together, Aashna and Dipansh proved that when artistry meets purpose, magic happens. And in the world of luxury stationery, Lachi was the living embodiment of that magic.

This playful yet affectionate moniker sparked the idea for our wedding hashtag, #lachi, and has since become the embodiment of something truly special. Welcome to the world of "Lachi."