Meaningful Eid Presents: Must-Have Picks to Make the Occasion Memorable

Make this Eid truly memorable with meaningful presents from Lachi, carefully selected to honor the spirit of the occasion. Our curated collection of Eid gifts encompasses a range of thoughtful offerings, each designed to evoke joy and appreciation. From personalized notecards bearing heartfelt messages to exquisite gift bags and bottle bags, every item is imbued with the essence of Eid. Elevate your gift-giving experience with our luxurious gift wraps, ensuring that each present is beautifully presented. Whether you're celebrating Eid with family or friends, our must-have picks are sure to make the occasion truly special. Let Lachi be your trusted companion this 2024 Eid, as you express your love and gratitude through meaningful gestures that will be cherished for years to come. Celebrate the blessings of Ramadan with our exclusive collection of Personalised Eid gifts designed to make every moment memorable.

Elevate Your Eid Expressions with Handwritten Sentiments

There's something timeless about penning down heartfelt messages on paper, especially during Eid. Whether it's expressing gratitude, extending apologies, or sending well wishes, handwritten notes hold a special place in our hearts. With our meticulously designed Personalised Notecards and envelopes set, you can add a touch of elegance to your Eid gestures. These beautifully crafted cards can be personalised with your names, adding a unique touch to each message. Whether you choose to send them as Eid Special gifts or use them to convey Ramadan blessings, our notecards are sure to make your sentiments more meaningful and cherished for years to come.

Eid Radiance: Gifting Warmth with our Sky-themed Gift Bag

Immerse yourself in the opulent charm of our meticulously crafted Eid special gift bag, perfect for presenting your cherished treasures. This Personalised gift bag is designed with utmost care to ensure it complements the beauty of your gifts, whether they're small trinkets or medium-sized delights. Adorned with striking gold foiled embellishments, it radiates opulence and elegance, while the handles feature a delightful herringbone pattern ribbon for that extra touch of sophistication. You can even personalise the tags with your names, adding a heartfelt touch to your Eid presents. With this exquisite gift bag, make your Eid celebrations truly memorable and special for your loved ones.

Exquisite Eid Gifting: Your Presents with Luxurious Bottle Bags

Enhance your Eid celebrations with our exquisite Personalised bottle bags, perfect for presenting standard beverages or Eid-themed drinks. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these luxurious bottle carriers feature captivating gold foiled elements that add a touch of opulence to your gifts. Adorned with fine herringbone pattern ribbon handles, they exude sophistication and charm, setting your presents apart. Personalization options abound – customise the tags with your names for a heartfelt touch. Whether it's special Eid celebrations, Ramadan gatherings, or any special occasion, these handcrafted bottle bags make a luxurious statement, elevating your gift-giving to new heights.

Unwrap Joy: Wrapping Paper for Your Special Eid

Experience the joy of gifting with Lachi's luxurious Eid wrapping paper, meticulously crafted to enhance your Eid special gifts. Our dual-side printed wrapping papers are designed to exude luxury and celebration, ensuring that your presents stand out from the rest. Each sheet is adorned with captivating designs that capture the essence of Eid, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gift-opening experience. Whether it's Eid celebrations, Ramadan gatherings, or any special occasion, our wrapping paper is the perfect finishing touch to make someone's day truly memorable. Elevate your gift presentation with Lachi and spread joy and happiness this Eid season.


Celebrate this Eid in style with Lachi's curated collection of meaningful gifts, designed to honour the spirit of the occasion. Elevate your expressions of love and gratitude with personalised notecards, luxurious gift bags, and exquisite bottle carriers. Wrap your presents in elegance with our dual-side printed wrapping paper, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gift-opening experience. Whether you're celebrating with family or friends, our must-have picks are sure to make the occasion truly memorable. Let Lachi be your companion this Eid as you spread joy and happiness through thoughtful gestures that resonate with the blessings of the season. With Lachi, make every moment of Eid special and cherished for years to come.